A new standard for digital asset custody

The best of modern security engineering, for safe crypto custody that lets institutions do more.

Crypto custody made usable

Institutional investors in digital assets no longer have to choose between peace of mind and asset productivity. Anchorage brings the world’s most advanced and proven security architecture to cryptocurrency custody, to deliver the services institutions expect from a traditional custodian.

Safeguard your investments

A modern solution shouldn’t require armed guards, secret bunkers, or Faraday tents. Our security model eliminates single points of failure, so your assets will be safer with us than anywhere else.

Take action in real time

Your assets are accessible and auditable at any time, so you can operate with ease. We offer tiered service levels with guaranteed SLAs, letting you confidently take action on your schedule.

Get more out of your assets

Unlike cold storage custody, Anchorage is designed for active participation, so you can capture yield from staking and inflation, and vote on governance questions concerning your investments.

Qualified Custodian

As a state-chartered trust company with fiduciary powers, Anchorage Trust Company is a Qualified Custodian that can help SEC-registered investment advisers meet their obligations under federal law. Because Anchorage Trust Company eliminates vulnerabilities that expose private keys to risk, investors now have the option of a Qualified Custodian that’s both more secure and more usable.

Trusted by the world’s leading crypto funds

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