Digital asset custody as it should be

Until now, investors faced a trade-off between securing digital assets in cold storage, and actively participating in staking and governance.

Anchorage is safer than cold storage, with all the benefits of asset usability.

Purpose-built for institutional investors

Hold assets with a Qualified Custodian

Anchorage Trust Company is a Qualified Custodian that can help RIAs meet their obligations under federal law.

Audit fully, anytime

We can prove the existence of your fully-segregated private keys on demand, simply by signing a unique challenge. We also maintain exclusive control.

Gain peace of mind with end-to-end insurance

Anchorage maintains industry-leading end-to-end crime insurance, helping you meet investment policy requirements.

Safer than cold storage

Biometrically-authenticated quorums

Sensitive operations require the unique key signatures of multiple biometrically-authenticated users.

Enhanced outlier detection

Anchorage scans each transaction and flags outliers for further scrutiny.

Hardware-enforced logic

Our hardware security modules (HSMs) will process transactions only if both your team and ours have approved.

Engineered for asset usability

Generate returns from participation

Anchorage enables staking, delegation, and claiming airdrops, without ever removing private keys from custody.

Guide your assets’ future

Vote on governance questions facing your assets, including issues that may influence the value of your holdings.

Buy and sell crypto with Anchorage Trading

Trade digital assets directly from custody. Get access to expert traders and broad liquidity from a single account.

Integrated with your workflow

Transact anywhere

Anchorage users can initiate and approve transactions securely from anywhere in the world, with no special hardware to manage.

Take action in real time

Fully-approved transactions process within minutes, so you can respond to trends before it’s too late.

Get data on demand

Your account data is available by CSV or API for accounting and performance tracking with your tools of choice.

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