The Anchorage security model

Quorum-based approvals

Behavioral analytics review

All keys in hardware

Quorum-based approvals

At least two members of your organization must approve any given transaction. You decide who can approve, and how many approvals are required, for different types of transactions. No single individual can unilaterally move your assets.

Behavioral analytics review

After a transaction is approved within your organization, Anchorage reviews its validity based on a range of signals. This allows outliers and abnormalities to be flagged for further scrutiny, to protect against collusion or compromised devices.

All keys in hardware

Our hardware security modules (HSMs) process your transaction only after your team has approved and we have completed transaction review. If these two conditions are not met, the transaction will not go through.

Designed to meet your needs

Broad asset support, no matter your strategy

Your portfolio is your business, and ours is safeguarding your assets of choice.

Intuitive applications for desktop and mobile

Keep eyes on your account activity with our desktop dashboard, and take actions via our robust mobile app.

Insurance for peace of mind

Anchorage maintains crime insurance covering security breach and theft, helping you meet investment policy requirements.

Dedicated Account Executive

You’ll have a consistent point of contact keeping watch over your transactions, and available to help at all times.

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